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What's New In Version 2?

The WLAN Pi V2 image was released in October 2020. The image has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide an improved software installation and update process. It's toolset has been revamped, it has many usability improvements and hardware support has been expanded.

Version 2.0.0 Announcement Notes

You can find the official v2.0.0 announcement here. It details the main feature of the new v2.0.0 release.

Version 2.0.0 Video & Slides

The WLAN Pi development team presented a collaborative video for the online CWNP 2020 WTF conference that details the main features and improvements of the version 2 image. Links to the video and slide deck are provided on this page.

Getting the version 2 Image

If you'd like to get hold of the latest version 2 image for your WLAN Pi, you can download the software image from here: WLAN Pi Images (look for the assets section that contains the image - the file name will be something like: wlanpi-neo2-v2.0.0.img.gz). Note that bugfixes and improvement are being continually added, so please ensure you download the latest 2.x.x image version.

To burn your image on to an SD card, the information provided in this video is still good, even though it was created for a v1.x.x image: How to Burn a New Image on Your WLAN Pi (WiFiNigel)

Last update: October 8, 2020