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Note: Please note that the currently supported WLAN Pi platform, the NEO2, is no longer available from the hardware manufacturer. As a result, no new hardware will be available to purchase from the manufacturer going forwards. Our kit suppliers listed below may occasionally find surplus stocks from various resellers and make them available, but numbers are generally very limited. Please check the kit suppliers shown below for availability.

A new hardware platform is under development to replace the NEO2, but there are currently no fixed timescales for its availability. Please check here for our latest statement on platform availability

Complete Kit Suppliers

NEO2 Suppliers

  • FriendlyArm NEO2 Kit{target=blank} (Note: As of April 2020, we understand that FriendlyArm are no longer producing the NEO2 due to component supply issues. We are investigating a suitable replacement device to use going forwards - _Please check here for our latest statement on platform availability

Comfast CF-912 Adapter


  • Amazon
  • ebay (Note: this is a search link, check results show correct CF-921AC item)

Generic MT7612U Adapter


Last update: October 7, 2020