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Getting Started with the WLAN Pi

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Note that this documentation is for the deprecated version 1 software image of the WLAN Pi

User Guide

If you have your WLAN Pi hardware and you'd like to find out what you can do with your WLAN Pi, you can check out this user guide. This guide is a couple of years old now, but has some great information providing you with more background to the WLAN Pi and will get you going with some of its great utilities.


User Guide


To get started with the WLAN Pi, you're going to need to get hold of some WLAN Pi hardware. The items you'll need are all generally low cost and relatively easy to source. There are a few options available to get yourself set up with a WLAN Pi:

  • Attend a WLPC conference and complete one of the WLAN Pi deep dive sessions
  • Buy a complete kit from the WLPC online store
  • Source the individual items you'll need yourself from various suppliers.

Obviously, buying the kit from the WLPC store is a quick and easy option. You get the advantage of having all the components you need in one order, and the kit comes pre-assembled with a software image burned and ready to go. You also have a reputable, single source to contact if there are any issues with your purchase.

However, if you're a nuts & bolts type of person who likes to roll up your sleeves and build stuff yourself, you can source the various component parts yourself and build from scratch. (This will likely take you quite a lot longer to do compared to buying the kit, but arguably may be more fun and slightly cheaper).

Check out the links below for more information:


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Last update: October 4, 2020