How to check client DFS channel support

14th February 2020

Useful video from Whyf16uy about how to use the WLAN Pi profiler to identify if a client supports DFS channels: link

Image version 1.9.1 [WLPC edition] Released

13th February 2020

The new WLANPi image for WLPC Phoenix has been released, get it here : link

ZeroTier and WLAN Pi - Keeping profiles & keys for re-imaging

Nice blog post from Rick Steiner about using ZeriTier on the WLAN Pi and how you can preserve your ZeroTier config next time you re-image : link

How to burn a new image on your WLAN Pi (Video)

19th January 2020

Video on Youtube.

WLAN Pi Image v1.9.0 released

2nd January 2019

Image version 1.9.0 is available for download at : v1.9.0

Remote access to a device behind NAT/Firewall

24th November 2019

Article by Daniel Finimundi: article

WLANPi 1.8.4 beta released

14th November 2019

Version 1.8.49(beta) is avaiable or download at : v.1.8.4

WLANPI as a SYSLOG Server ? (Blog article)

14th November 2019

Nice blog article from Haydn Andrews about using a WLANPi as a field-based syslog server for troubleshooting: link

Using the WLAN Pi's USB host interface in Windows 10

31st October 2019

In this blog article, Patrick Langendoen discusses how to fix an issue on Windows machines with detecting the USB connection to a WLANPi as a serial port, rather than the expected USB Ethernet /RNDIS interfaces: link

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