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The WLAN Pi project started in 2016 at WLPC. The goal was to create a portable, ready-to-use device that could function as a network endpoint for measuring network performance and throughput.

Since then, it has been widely embraced in the awesome wireless community and after many contributions, this tiny box has evolved well beyond a network performance testing device.

Today, it can also be used as a remote Wi-Fi scanner, packet capture tool, portable Wi-Fi signal generator and much more! These capabilities assist wireless professionals with designing better wireless networks, troubleshooting issues more quickly, and validating wireless network performance.

See our Getting Started page to find out how you can get your own WLAN Pi setup.

Here is an excellent article about the history of the WLAN Pi that provides a great account of the evolution of the WLAN Pi, by Zaib Kaleem: A Brief History of the WLAN Pi Project

Last update: March 7, 2021